Colors Quarters



Bright, Soft, Warm, Cool, Medium, Light, Deep……do you know which of these suits you the best?

Harmony, Balanced, Beautiful….is this how you look in the colors you wear?

Confident, Happy, Knowing… this how you feel in the colors you wear?

Color Analysis

This is a wonderful opportunity to have 1:1 attention with the focus completely on you and your unique qualities. No more guessing. No more questioning if the color is right. No more confusion. And all the opportunity to have your questions answered with confidence and clarity so you can move forward positively in your personal color journey.

INCLUDES a 1-hour video call with me to review your Color Analysis directly with you!

$ 379.99 USD

and up!

Color Fans

A curated set of 45 to 75 colors created for the colorstyle that works the absolute best for you.

$ 67.00 USD

Neutrals Fans

A curated set of 27 to 32 neutral colors that can form the basis of your wardrobe and work with your Color Fan. Each comes with its own little drawstring bag, and one 5” Cable Ring-Twist Lock.

$ 37.00 USD

Color Bundles

The Ultimate Set. Your Color Fan, Neutrals Fan, 2 lovely drawstring bags, and two 5” Cable Ring-Twist Locks.

$ 97.00 USD

Color Guides

Color Guides show you how to put your colors together in outfits that reflect how you feel and/or how you want to be seen. Casual, Romantic, Powerful, Sophisticated, Relaxed, Fun, Friendly, Business, Thoughtful, Elegant. Let your own set of colors help you achieve all of this.

You will receive a Digital Color Guide directly to your inbox for Immediate Enjoyment!

$ 37.00 USD

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