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About Patricia

I always noticed that a color worked beautifully on one, but on someone else…. the same color made them look, well, not so great.
I made my own mistakes in color selections, and after happily purchasing items that I thought looked amazing, I would be asked if I was feeling well as I looked so pale and washed out. So much for the happy purchases….

I began to investigate color more deeply as I believed that while color is for everyone, not every color works on everyone.

I studied and became certified in 12 season Color Analysis but found that some individuals did not ‘fit’ the criteria. To me, there was limitation.

Instead of seasonal color analysis, I studied a non-seasonal system that takes one’s unique characteristics of hair, skin, and eyes individually, then collectively to identify the best set of colors for the person.

Rather than an individual ‘fitting’ a category, the most flattering colors were found from study of the person’s own unique qualities.
Suddenly, it all made perfect sense. Everyone was included and a set of colors were available to everyone with no limitations.

I take special care, pride, and have focused attention to detail in doing a personal color analysis. There are no two individuals that are the same and there are no two color analysis that are the same.

I believe each person is unique, individual, special, and worthy, and so is their personal color analysis.

About YCS Coach Certification 

YCS Coach Certification lets you know that I am knowledgeable, practiced, and have mastered the concepts of doing your color analysis with accuracy and precision using YourColorStyle methodology.

YCS is based on Color Theory. Using Color Theory, I can identify your best colors and help you understand why they make you shine!

As your YCS Coach, I continue to expand my knowledge of color and I continue to be mentored directly by the founder of YourColorStyle, Jen Vax.

My goal is to help women, like you, express their authenticity through color. 


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