Color Quarters

Color Analysis 


Hi, I’m Patricia

I recall looking at the color of trees and grass and thinking how wonderful to have so many different versions of green. I used to love organizing my sisters’ closets according to color. I spent countless time at the cosmetic aisles hovering over all the many palettes of cheek and lip colors. I simply never tired of it.

Color is for Everyone

Color is such a wonderful expression of self. We are each drawn to color in every aspect of our lives. We use color to lift our spirits, help us destress, bring joy and excitement.

We are unique, with qualities that no one else has exactly. What looks wonderful on one, does not necessarily work so well on another. This is where one’s unique qualities and color either works, or it does not.

Color can also be a challenge.

I would love to help you find your best group of colors based on your own unique set of qualities, qualities that no one else has but you.

I am a color expert using the YCS methodology. I have completed over 500 personal color analyses for individuals all over the world. I can help you.

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